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Ride Share

How to enjoy the Ride Share experience in Australia

Definition:- "ride-share" "rideshare" ...participate in an arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner for a fee especially as arranged by means of a website or app: "riders place a request to ride-share by setting a pick-up and drop-off location via the app".

Riders guide

To fully enjoy the Ride Share experience might mean that you cannot 'be yourself' when sharing a ride with a Ride Share Driver.

You will need to follow some rules (local laws) and we recommend considering the following when using a Ride Share service.

A Ride Share vehicle is an expensive asset. Please follow the Driver's instructions before, during and at the end of the Ride.


Ride Share vehicles are passenger motor vehicles.
They are perfect for transporting people and their luggage when travelling.


Ride Share vehicles are not Taxis.
Ride Share vehicles cannot pick you up at a Taxi Rank or in a Taxi Zone.

Pickup locations recommended by your Ride Share App may be out of date. Please check signage at the pickup location and move to another pickup location if necessary. Or call your Driver and ask for their advice.

the ride


Please consider the following:- * The SAFETY both mental and physical of Riders, the Driver and their property is at the forefront of these guidelines.


The SAFETY both mental and physical of Riders, Drivers and their property (including the Driver's vehicle) is at the forefront of these guidelines.


Do not use Ride Share for emergency transport. Consider if an Ambulance or a Police escort is necessary and make arrangements by calling your local emergency services.

Ending a Ride

The Ride can be cancelled/ended by the Rider or the Driver at any time.

Physical contact

Riders must not make physical contact with Drivers.

Drivers must not make physical contact with Riders.

Threatening and rude behaviour

Aggressive, confrontational and harassing behaviour is not allowed. Don’t use language or make gestures that could be disrespectful or threatening.

Property damage

If you damage property, you’re responsible for the cost of cleaning and repair fees.

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